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Here are few common questions asked by buyers & answered by our supportive head.

Q: How to order an artwork?
A: It's pretty easy. Just follow these steps.
  1. Open the homepage( You'll see a collection of 12 artworks on each pages.
  2. Click on an artwork that attracts you most. A 'Checkout Page' will open with details of the artwork.
  3. Click on 'Place Order' button. An order form will open
  4. Fill up all the entries correctly (every field required) and click on 'ORDER' button.
Your order will be placed successfully and you'll get a 'Thanksgiving' note with your order number, which you must note down for further conversations with us.

Q: What are the differences between original artworks and printed artworks?
A: Original artworks are the handmade artworks made by professional artists on canvas, paper and other surfaces. They are unique & one of its kind. Thus, they are costly. While, the printed artworks are the photographs, illustrations, graphic designs or images printed digitally on paper and other surfaces. There is no uniqueness. Thus, they are cheaper than the original artworks.
Q: How to pay the price for an artwork, that I've ordered?
A: On Paintacle, we support only cash-on-delivery (COD). Pay us at the moment, when your order will be delivered at the address provided by you.

Q: How much time it will take to deliver the artwork?
A: It will take maximum five days from the day of placing order to deliver the artwork at the address provided by you.

Q: In case, if the order doesn't deliver within five days, what should I do?
A: We try our best to avoid this situation. But, if in case, due to some technical or other problems, the order doesn't deliver to the address provided by you within five days from the day you placed the order, please inform us through feedback or call at (+91) 8400 938 212.

Q: I've lost my order number. How can I get it again?
A: The 'order number' is an unique code automatically generated by the computer to differentiate your order from others. In case you lost it, please contact us at (+91)8400938212.


Here are few questions asked by sellers and answered by our supportive head.

Q: How to sell artwork to
A: We provide a very supportive environment to the artists. If you want to sell your artworks, click on the 'Sell Artwork' button at top-right corner. A form will open, attach sample images of your artworks, fill up all entries correctly and submit it. Our selective panel will decide that whether to sell it on the site or not. After taking decision, we'll contact you.
Q: When & how will I get the payment for my artwork?
A: When a buyer will order your artwork, we'll pay you either cash or cheque.


Here are few questions asked by users about miscellaneous topics and answered by our supportive head.

Q: How can I get a Job in
A: We only offer part-time jobs. If you live in Gorakhpur and have a skill to design graphics, photography, movie making, modelling or managing events, we welcome you. Please contact us at (+91)8400938212 or mail us.

Q: Where the headquarter (or office) of is situated?
A: We are an online brand and deal almost everything online. Thus, we don't have any office(or headquarter), yet. In future, if we plan to open one, we'll inform through our Facebook and Instagram profiles. Stay connected with us.


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